Established in 1943 and led by four founders, Samuel Bronfman, Eugene Stearns, D. Lou Harris and Nicholas Munk, Technion Canada has attracted a group of dedicated supporters who, over these 70 years have provided significant and continuing financial assistance for a wide range of buildings, residences, faculties, institutes, programs, and scholarships at Technion in Haifa.

Today, Technion Canada, (formerly known as the Canadian Technion Society), is a national organization supported by thousands of donors from coast to coast. Technion Canada has a distinguished record of achievement having helped raise more than $70 million in the past 7 decades.

Technion Canada offers various regional activities to promote philanthropic donations to Technion from individuals, families, foundations and the corporate community; to promote Canadian development and use of Technion educational facilities; to support those researchers and scientists from Canada as well as their counterparts from Technion who are involved in the exchange of scientific information and products of technical research and development. By making available and establishing scholarships, fellowships, lectureships and publications, and through the dissemination of information about Technion, the national and local chapters of Technion Canada are dedicated to furthering the cause of higher education.

Technion Canada is constantly expanding its efforts to ensure the Technion’s continued excellence and achievements. We invite you to join us as a donor or a volunteer because we believe that the future of Israel is in high-tech, and the future of high-tech in Israel is at the Technion.


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