Schulich Leader Scholarships

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The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology launches the Schulich Leaders Entrepreneurship Program with 15 outstanding students from various faculties

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has launched the Schulich Leaders Entrepreneurship Program, a new flagship program for outstanding students. The 15 pioneers of the Technion program, male and female students in various faculties, participated in the opening ceremony of the national program online on Thursday, November 19.

The ceremony was attended by members of the Schulich family, Education Minister Yoav Galant, Senior Executive Vice President of the Technion Professor Oded Rabinovitch, Vice President for External Relations and Resource Development Professor Alon Wolf, and Uri Karmi, the director of the Schulich Foundation in Israel. The professional lecture at the event was delivered by Waze founder Uri Levine.

“Entrepreneurship is a way of life for us at the Technion, and it is deeply ingrained in our organizational DNA,” said Technion President Professor Uri Sivan. “Many reality-changing developments that emerged from the Technion affected the lives of millions in Israel and around the world. We put a lot of effort into instilling these entrepreneurial values and spirit in all of our students. The Schulich Entrepreneurial Leadership program will now become the highlight of all these efforts and enable the future generation of entrepreneurs in Israel to be nurtured and trained. I thank the Schulich Foundation from the bottom of my heart for the shared vision and expression of trust.”

The new Entrepreneurship program, which will commence this year at the Technion, will provide its participants with an entrepreneurial toolbox and guidance in developing an idea for practical development. According to the head of the program, Professor Daniella Raveh from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, “Every year 15 students will join the program, and each will receive generous support and close guidance on leadership and involvement issues. This is a small, high-quality group of students whose influence will reach far beyond the program’s borders. we intend for the participants in the ‘Schulich Leaders’ program to become the flag bearers of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership at the Technion.”

Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Seymour Schulich, heads the Schulich family, who has to date donated some $350 million to various causes, most of them in higher education and health in Canada, the United States, and Israel. The partnership between the Schulichs and the Technion has been ongoing for over a decade and began with the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry and the Schulich Leader Scholarships, the most prestigious scholarship program in Israel that has been operating at the Technion until this year.
The Schulich Leaders Entrepreneurship program will provide its participants with generous support that includes a living scholarship of NIS 25,000 per year and a tuition scholarship.

“Since its inception, the Technion has been a source of technological innovation whose impact can be seen all over the world,” said Uri Karmi, director of the Schulich Foundation in Israel. “We hope and look forward to seeing the graduates of the program continue in this tradition, building successful companies and producing positive change in the world.”

The first group of students in the program includes Itay Nakash, Shir Barkan, Liad Perl, Adi Makhoul, Haneen Naaran, Harel Mendelman, Michal Maymon, Elia Suleimanov, Roni Ashkenazy, Ron Hudadi, Asaf Aaronson, Roy Levy, Hilel Sahar, Rotem Elimelech, and Nitzan Mashall.

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Technion Waterloo Research Alliance

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Technion Waterloo Research Alliance

University of Waterloo President, Feridun Hamdullahpur, with Technion’s Immediate Past President, Peretz Lavie

When University of Waterloo President, Feridun Hamdullahpur, first met with Peretz Lavie, Technion’s immediate Past President, he quickly knew there was potential for a very special relationship between the two universities.  Both are world class institutions known for academic and research excellence, innovation, and nation-building entrepreneurship. But what really inspired President Hamdullahpur was the opportunity to build a partnership based on Israel and Canada’s shared democratic values and a common devotion to solve the challenges of the 21st century. 

The Technion Waterloo Research Alliance formally began in June 2011, with a focus on 3 areas of national and global importance: Quantum Computing, Water, and Nano-sciences.  An initial round of seed funding was bolstered by a generous gift from Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman which enabled the alliance to expand in both scope and capacity.  Since then, collaborative research teams have produced numerous joint publications, created new intellectual property and start-up initiatives, and partnered with industry, resulting in funding that has more than tripled beyond the initial investment.

Renewed funding from the Schwartz Reisman Foundation continues to support the alliance, and the partnership is attracting new philanthropic visionaries who recognize the incredible potential of this unique collaboration. Further research efforts have focused on Quantum Security, and partnership agreements are currently in progress to support research in AI & Medicine, Photonics, and Smart Cities.

Clearly President Hamdullahpur’s intuition was correct; nearly a decade since that fateful meeting with Peretz Lavie, the Technion Waterloo partnership continues to grow, yielding fruitful joint ventures and scientific advancements that further the global good.

University of Waterloo researchers visit the Technion in 2018