Generation Next

The Future: Will you make it happen, or will you let it happen.

With over 100 years of commitment to science, technology, innovation and education, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, has been forward focused and has helped propel Israel into the 21st century.

Technion Canada’s Generation NEXT is your direct connection to Israel in the 21st Century. Join the group of emerging young leaders from across Canada who will become the core of Technion Canada’s next generation of leaders. Join the Generation NEXT committee in your region, attend networking events, meet Technion Alumni, recruit other potential leaders, especially those involved in fields directly related to Technion’s core areas, and participate in Generation NEXT missions to Israel.

By getting involved with Technion Canada’s Generation NEXT, you will have the power to help ensure that Technion continues to advance and contribute to Israel and the world through science, technology and medicine, making Israel and the world a better place.

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