January 31, 2022

Innovation Is Turning Israel into the FoodTech Nation

Professor Marcelle Machluf

Israel has a reputation for being the Startup Nation, but Marcelle Machluf, Dean of Biotechnology and Food Engineering at Technion Israel Institute of Technology, predicts that in coming years Israel will be known as the FoodTech Nation.

“Foodtech and biotech are two fields that are climbing to the top of the tech industry,” Machluf told Calcalist in a recent interview. “This push is happening for a reason. There is a very clear understanding of just how critical this technology is to our continued existence,” she said, adding that in the future, she expects to see food manufacturing processes becoming quicker and more automated, improved shopping experiences, and food that is higher in nutritional values and more affordable while also being produced in a less polluting manner.

Source: www.calcalistech.com