Montreal, Quebec

Steven Bramson

Steve Bramson was a participant on the 2011 Generation NEXT mission to Israel. Steve has been a member of the Montreal Council since 2013 and a member on Technion Canada Board of Directors since 2014. He was the Chair of the Technion Canada PR, Marketing and Communications Committee.

He is an Alternate Member of the Technion Board of Governors. Steve established a corporate background in software/ hardware design, sales, finance and management before applying his eclectic skills (and interest in technological innovation) to start-up companies. Steve was a co-founder of Total.Net and helped it grow to become Quebec’s largest Internet Service Provider; the company became part of Emergis (TSE: EME) where Steve served as VP of Merchant Solutions.

Steve also co-founded on-line jeweler and served there as Chief Technology Officer; while under his watch, pure-play became one of the largest privately held e-commerce companies. Steve served as Chief Operating Officer of Trustifi, a provider of enhanced secure email solutions based on patents he had been key in conceiving, developing and commercializing. Staying avant-garde, Steve’s current venture is focused on industrial applications of IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Amongst other voluntary endeavors, Steve served as President of Adath Israel Synagogue in Montreal.