December 30, 2019

Can Artificial Intelligence Predict the Future?

Dr. Kira Radinsky

In this fascinating interview from Psychology Today, Dr. Kira Radinsky, Technion alumna and Co-founder, Chairwoman, and Chief Technology Officer of Diagnostic Robotics, shares her views on the present and future of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Diagnostic Robotics is a health care A.I. system with predictive analytics.

Dr. Radinsky explains: “I think the best way to predict the future is to create it. One of the things that we are doing right now is identifying the patterns, and when the patterns start, try to predict the next step. So, it can predict things that have a pattern. Random things? It’s a philosophical question. Do we even have random things? Or is it part of a pattern that we don’t have data for? So, if you believe there is no random thing and everything has a pattern, then AI can predict the future. We just need more data for that.”