April 23, 2020

Celebrating Israel

Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel Independence Day – begins at sundown on Tuesday, April 28th, 2020. 

On on this day, we are filled with gratitude and pride for all that has been achieved in Israel’s 72 years of statehood. For generations,Technion engineers, architects and scientists have played a pivotal role building the infrastructure and high-tech industries of modern Israel – establishing one of the most creative and innovative countries in the world.

Today, Technion and Israel are at the forefront of the worldwide fight against COVID-19 and Israeli innovation is sure to be a critical factor in beating the pandemic.

With your support, Technion will continue to strengthen Israel for generations to come.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISRAEL!

18 Incredible Inventions

Discover and share how much value Israel provides the world through groundbreaking achievements with this unique online exhibition “18 Ways Israel is Changing the World”. Featuring Technion DNA; Nanose, Rewalk, Insightec. 




Collaboration is the Best Weapon

Israel is united in the fight against COVID-19. The Government Companies Authority launched an initiative to form a connection between hospitals, defense companies, and the Ministry of Health to develop new medical technologies to combat Coronavirus.

Discover how the Technion is involved in this powerful collaboration.



Life Saving Innovation

Ambo-Vent may offer an answer to the global shortage of ventilators in the battle against COVID-19. An Israeli group made up of Air Force electronics experts, robotics specialists, and medical professionals has come up with an innovative hack that could help hospitals around the world produce ventilators quickly and at low cost.



A New Era

Chemi Peres, son of Simon Peres, shares the powerful story of Israeli innovation and what is next for the Start-Up Nation. He stresses the need for global collaboration to solve world wide crises like the corona virus pandemic and climate change threats. “We are transitioning…to a new era where the source of power, the source of greatness, is coming from brainpower, from the mind.”



Israel at Forefront of Corona Virus Vaccine Research

Israeli scientists are at the cutting edge of Coronavirus vaccine research. As the World Health Organisation announces 70 trials for a vaccine are ongoing, teams at Technion in Haifa and MIGAL in Kiryat Shmona are among those at the forefront of testing.




The Technion has been there for Israel since the beginning, and Technion advances in science and technology continue to strengthen the State of Israel and the world. We are stronger together and together we can build a brighter future for us all.  Support Technion now.