November 7, 2018

Digital Health Week

It’s Digital Health Week! Technion Faculty, Researchers and Alumni are leading the way in developing ground-breaking technologies to improve in the Health field! There are so many new startups coming out of the Technion in this field; we bring you the top 6 in the news!

Na Nose

Scent detecting digital devices to detect diseases continues to provide results! Professor Hossam Haick of Technion developed the Na Nose to smell out cancer and other diseases in their early stages:


CureWave by Insightec uses non-invasive MRI thermal imaging system to treat everything from neurosurgery to women’s health operations. Technion graduate, Kobi Vortman, talks about how his innovation works:

Mazor Robotics

Have you heard that Medtronics recently bought Mazor Robotics for a record breaking $1.6 billion? Professor Moshe Shoham tells us more about his Spinal Surgery innovation:


ReWalk, founded by Technion graduate Dr. Amit Goffer, was recently inaugurated into the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This news boosts the hope for many paraplegic veterans will to have the chance to walk again! This is how it works!

Perhaps they will soon adopt Goffer’s new wheeled robotic device


PillCam, developed by Dr. Gavriel Iddan, is a pill containing a tiny camera to safely travel through your insides without leaving a trace!

Digital Health is definitely something to acknowledge and celebrate! From early diagnosis, to the ability to walk again, these innovators work hard save and prolong our lives!