October 1, 2020

Eduardo Guendelman

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Grad Year:             1974                                                                                                                                                           
    Electrical Engineering                                                                                                                               
Current Location:
Toronto, Canada

Professional Highlights:   My career has been incredibly diverse and exciting. After completing engineering studies at the Technion and a nine-year-long service as an officer with the Israeli Air Force, I become a serial entrepreneur. As such, I built more than a dozen tech companies. In 1984 I pioneered the speech recognition industry, which brought me to Canada to serve as an Executive VP of Magna International.  Later, in 1999, I built a company that I took public in Nasdaq that invented and produced the world’s first hand-held GPS navigation systems. Later, a company that developed and patented a tele-health technology used by the US military and the Veterans Administration.

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