March 9, 2022

Giving From the Heart, Giving for the Future

Giving From the Heart, Giving for the Future

Montreal philanthropist, Leesa Steinberg, comes from a long heritage of philanthropy and community involvement, proudly following in the footsteps of the Steinberg, Dobrin, and Minzberg families. For Leesa, giving comes from the heart to express gratitude for her good fortune and her earnest desire to help others.

A long-time Technion supporter, Leesa will be honoured at this year’s Board of Governors Meeting as a Technion Guardian, a designation reserved for those who have reached the highest level of support for the institution.

“I feel truly blessed and honoured to be able to establish the Fund to Support Tissue Engineering of Lymphatic Vessels for Lymphedema treatment,” says Leesa of her most recent investment in Technion, which will enable Professor Shulamit Levenberg’s cutting-edge tissue engineering research to advance the treatment of Lymphedema .  Having lived with the condition for 14 years, Leesa is committed to ensuring that the next generation has access to treatments and cures that may not be available today. “My motivation is to make life easier and healthier for others with my condition.”

With a passion for the life-changing potential of science and an interest in robotics, Leesa previously funded the renovation of the Technion’s Wind Tunnel Control room.  “I am privileged to be a part of Israel’s defence and commercial air travel safety initiatives,” says Leesa. “During my last visit to Technion, I was fortunate to have a three-hour walking tour of the entire campus and to learn about many of Technion’s accomplishments.  I was truly inspired to do more. As a proud Canadian, I am grateful and honoured to be inducted as a Technion Guardian.”

Asked why she supports the Technion, Leesa’s answer is truly inspiring and  heartfelt: “I know in my heart and my soul, the more I can do for the Technion, the more the Technion can do for Israel, the more Israel can do for the world, and the safer we will be as Jews.” 

Technion Canada salutes Leesa for her generosity, commitment, and vision for a better world.