January 20, 2020

Israel’s Biggest Tech Deals of the Decade

The Technion is known for its innovation so it is no surprise that four of the 10 entries in this wrap up of the largest Israeli tech deals of the decade have Technion DNA!

  • At number 2 is the $6.9 billion acquisition by Nvidia of Mellanox Technologies Ltd. Mellanox Founder and President Eyal Waldman is a Technion alumnus.
  • At number 6 is security software firm Imperva’s entering into a definitive agreement to be acquired by American private-equity technology investment firm Thoma Bravo for approximately $2.1 billion. 
  • Technion alumnus Amichai Shulman is Imperva’s Co-founder and Chief Scientist. Number 7 is the acquisition of Habana Labs by Intel for $2 billion. Habana Chairman Avigdor Willenz, a Technion alumnus, will serve as a senior advisor to Intel. Habana CTO Shlomo Raikin and CBO Eitan Medina are also graduates of the Technion. 
  • At number 8 is the $1.6 billion acquisition of Mazor Robotics Ltd. by Medtronic. Mazor was co-founded by Technion Professor Moshe Shoham.