January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013 Where do companies like Rafael Advanced Defense Systems go to recruit the next generation of top Israeli engineers? The Techninon!

January 1, 2013 – Globes – By Yuval Azulai

Israel’s defense industry may be in the midst of major cutbacks and layoffs but Rafael  Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is bucking the trend. With the impressive performance  of its Iron Dome short range missile defense system to its credit and the development of  the new Wind Jacket tank protection system, Rafael wants to recruit the next generation  of the country’s top engineers to lead a breakthrough in defense developments at the  government-owned company.

Rafael is striving to hire 150 students at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in  Haifa. Rafael recruitment manager Nirit Etzion said, “In fact we don’t have to try very  hard. The name Rafael speaks for itself and the students want to work and integrate  into the service of the company because they understand they have an opportunity for  a thrilling career.” On the basis of the previous recruitment drive at the Technion six  months ago, Etzion expects about 1,000 applications.

The Technion students learning the various engineering disciplines will be exposed to  the development programs that Rafael leads including the David’s Sling (Magic Wand)  missile defense system, to intercept medium range threats and fill in the gap between  Iron Dome (short range) and the Arrow (long range).

Etzion said, “All the students that will be hired to work at Rafael will be integrated into  future development ventures. The main activities are in the north of the country so the  jobs we are offering at the Technion are perceived by many students as being very  convenient. The jobs are close to the studies and Rafael provides transport to the plants  and the work is two days a week during vacations and when they complete their studies  at the Technion they have a desirable job waiting for them at Rafael.”