February 6, 2020

Prince Charles meets top Technion Professor

Prince Charles meets Technion Professor Hossam Haick at a reception in Ramat Gan, January 23, 2020 (Ben Kelmer, courtesy of The British Embassy, Israel)

During his recent trip to Israel to mark United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Day, Prince Charles met with Technion Professor Hossam Haick to discuss the SniffPhone. The brief meeting took place during an event at the residence of the Israeli President.

SniffPhone combines nanotechnology, biochemistry, materials engineering, process engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and medicine in a miniaturized system that relies on an artificially intelligent nanoarray for inexpensive, fast, non-invasive detection of diseases via exhaled breath. Prof. Haick is the F.M.W. Academic Chair of the Technion’s Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering. He is also a faculty member in the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, and an affiliated engineering faculty member in the Technion Integrated Cancer Center.