December 5, 2019

Safe Landings

Technion students and mentors, from left: O. Freund, A. Yarosinski, K. Kohai, N. Shimkin, H. & D. Straussman and A. Bar-Gill. Photo courtesy of Technion Spokesperson’s Office

For those who fear flying, Technion technology offers reassurance of a safe flight! Technion professors and students from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have developed and successfully tested software that monitors a plane’s trajectory to determine if it’s losing altitude and what physical obstacles might be in its way. It also guides the plane to the best alternative landing strip.

The team was led by Professor Nahum Shimkin and Dr. Aharon Bar-Gill, both of the Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technion. Prof. Shimkin is the dean of the Faculty.