September 23, 2019

Super Hero Hands through 3D Printing

Haifa 3D, an Israel-based non-governmental organization, uses 3D printing technologies and plastic to provide customized bionic hands, arms, and accessories to children and adults born without hands.

“For me personally it was a surprise that the kids don’t want hands that resemble natural ones, but technological hands that are similar to robotic ones,” says Yacov Malinovich, cofounder of Haifa 3D.  “They usually order superhero hands,” he chuckles.

The group has strong ties with the Technion, and they receive assistance from professors and labs on campus. Computers, printers, plastics, and all other parts are all from donations that the group receives. Prosthetics are printed free of cost, and in some cases, recipients, especially growing children, will receive multiple prosthetics over time.

Haifa 3D Founder and Chairman Yoav Medan is a Technion alumnus.