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1943Canadian Technion Society’s early beginnings.

$90,000,000 +The amount Technion Canada has raised for Technion over the past 7 decades

120 + & 700 +The number of apartments and dorm rooms provided by Technion Canada’s support.

Technion Canada was founded in 1943 by a small informal group of young engineers and architects who began by sending technical books to Technion. Today, Technion Canada is enabling Canadians to participate in creating a better world by promoting Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and contributing to the growth of the University’s diverse students, faculty and innovative environment.

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Why Technion?


The combination of the diverse faculty, study body and alumni has produced, and continues to produce, innovations that, with no exaggeration change the world… for the better:

  • Agricultural & Clean Water breakthroughs that help Feed the Hungry
  • Medical and Heath developments that Cure the Sick
  • Mechanical leaps that Facilitate Mobility & Access
  • Energy advances that Revere the Environment
  • Technological innovations that Drive the Economy
  • Security solutions that Protect Cyber & Physical Domains


Internationally recognized, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has awarded more than 100,000 degrees to a diverse student body from around the world. Its well-respected graduates include leading scientists, engineers, doctors, and captains of industry. From its ranks come 4 Nobel Laureates.


The Technion is Israel’s center for science and technology education and research. It has earned a global reputation for its pioneering work in computer science, defensive technologies, environmental engineering, medical research, nanotechnology and more. Some of the world’s most significant breakthroughs come from the Technion, opening new frontiers and creating novel products for the benefit of mankind.


Whether as a student, researcher, entrepreneur or from enterprise, opportunity is abundant with the Startup Nation’s major contributor. Consider T³, the technology transfer office of Technion. By creating optimal alliances between scientists, industry and investors, T³ enables the smooth transfer of technologies to the commercial sector. T³ is managing a portfolio of patents waiting to be commercialized or licenced.