The Technion’s core strengths — the convergence of engineering and medicine, artificial intelligence, information and communication, diversity, sustainability, and quantum science — address some of humankind’s most pressing problems. They also make the Technion uniquely qualified to provide the novel solutions that will make the world a better place.

But to remain competitive in an ever-changing scientific and technical landscape — and to continue changing the world with groundbreaking innovations — the Technion must do more. Enter the Technion Global Campaign.

The Global Campaign is the biggest and most ambitious fundraising effort ever launched by an Israeli university. It builds upon the core strengths of the Technion and enables it to expand, both in terms of geography and academic ambition, to rival any university.

A university with a global footprint and international reputation as an innovation powerhouse, the Technion plans to raise $1.8 billion by 2028. The campaign will raise support for world-changing, lifesaving innovation, and help the Technion prepare for the challenges and opportunities the digital revolution brings with it.

Whether you’re passionate about supporting the Technion, the State of Israel, or believe in the power of research and innovation to change the world, we want you to become a part of this.

For more information about the Technion Global Campaign and how you can make a difference, please contact

Invest in Technion's Core


The world looks to the Technion to develop water conservation, clean energy, and other green technologies to address the enormous conservation challenges facing our world.

Israel’s Tomorrow

The Technion plays a critical role in keeping Israel safe from those who would do it harm, training its future leaders and encouraging diversity for all.

Human Health

The Technion is one of the few institutions worldwide that bring together biology, engineering, and the physical sciences. This means clinical research can more quickly be translated into real-world solutions.

Computer Science

The Technion has been instrumental in earning Israel the moniker “Startup Nation.” Its graduates have become leaders powering Israel’s tech industry. The faculty’s achievements have consistently earned it a coveted place in the global rankings.


The Technion Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is the only department of its kind in Israel and has trained most of the nation’s rocket scientists. Its researchers are involved in Israel’s priority space projects and have played an outsized role in building Israel’s aerospace industry.

Advance Manufacturing

The Technion is poised to transform industry in Israel and ensure its sustained economic success into the next century through cutting-edge technologies that support advance manufacturing and research development.