The Technion is a world-class research university, home to some of the most brilliant minds in Israel and around the world. You can find the Technion’s fingerprints nearly everywhere you look: From roads and bridges, to aircrafts and satellites, to new technologies for health care, computers, security and energy.

The challenges facing humanity are immense. From sustainability to advanced computing to public health, it’s clear the world is going to demand more of the Technion. That’s why in the coming years, the Technion is reinventing itself and expanding to meet the needs of a growing and changing world.

But the Technion cannot do it alone. Your support of the Technion Fund ensures the Technion has the resources it needs to educate its students, equip its researchers, and respond to the scientific and technical challenges of our generation. Your gift to support the Technion’s overall growth and well-being will propel the Technion — and Israel — to new heights.

Priority Initiatives

You may choose to support a specific area at the Technion, or make a gift to
support the Technion Fund where it’s needed most:


The Technion’s expertise is unmatched. Your support ensures the Technion remains a leader in biomedicine for years to come.


From extra support for a student adjusting to campus life to fulfilling extracurriculars, you can help every student feel at home at the Technion.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Help Technion people and products change the face of medicine, computing, communications, and countless other fields.


Faculty are the lifeblood of the Technion. Ensure the Technion can continue to attract the best and brightest faculty.


Invest in the brilliant researchers and groundbreaking technologies that are keeping Israel — and the world — safe.


Support the Technion as it pioneers dynamic sustainability solutions while managing Israel’s scarce resources.

For information on additional ways to give, or to find out how to make a major gift, contact your local office