The Centennial Campaign

Advanced Medical Discoveries

Our parents and grandparents may not have imagined the cures and treatments for diseases that exist today, but innovators at the Technion did. Many medical solutions we enjoy today were developed as a result of Technion research, including leading drugs for Parkinson’s and multiple myeloma.

Nevertheless, solutions to prevent and cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other formidable diseases remain a mystery. The Technion’s Human Health Initiative works to develop technologies, treatments, and cures for these and humankind’s most serious medical challenges.

Your gift to the Technion’s research and development in human health will support:

Innovations in Brain Research. Interdisciplinary teams of Technion researchers are ​​studying learning disabilities and language processing; investigating cognition, creativity, and memory; and seeking better outcomes for victims of traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders, and diseases by developing new technologies and treatments.

Breakthroughs in Cancer Prevention and Treatment. Researchers are working on new tools to deliver cancer-fighting drugs or gene therapy directly to malignant sites without disturbing healthy tissue or causing adverse side effects to the patient. Other researchers are investigating ways to reverse or inhibit cell division, while others are developing new medications.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration. A new initiative is bringing Technion engineers, physicians, and scientists together with clinicians from the Rambam Health Care Campus to develop technologies and translate scientific breakthroughs from the laboratory to the clinic. Their initial focus is on the development of AI-based therapies and the use of biochip technology in assessing patients’ health.

High-Tech Training for Medical Students. Using high-fidelity simulators, multimedia teaching aids, and state-of-the-art medical equipment, medical students are learning and practicing complex medical tasks in real-world situations without risking harm to patients.

Help solve the world’s most intractable health challenges by making advances in medical technologies and treatments possible. Donate to the Centennial Campaign today.