January 31, 2022

Concordia Technion Virtual Exchange


Donors Ben Wygodny & Susan Raymer

The restrictions on travel this year won’t stop Rapahel Cohen, Shaked Levi, and Luis Antonio Quesada Jimenez from representing the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology at Concordia’s international Engineering and Commerce (ENGCOMM) Case Competition, which will take place virtually from February 22-27th.

The Technion students’ participation in the competition was sponsored by Susan Raymer and Ben Wygodny, through The Goldie and Joe Raymer Endowment Fund at Concordia University.  The Endowment is an exchange program between students and professors and open to all faculties, which was adapted this year due to Covid for Technion’s virtual participation in the Case Competition.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity for Technion and Concordia students to meet virtually during the Case Competition. Good luck to all!.” Susan Raymer & Ben Wygodny

The Technion students are led by mentor, Ohad Yaniv, and will join teams from around the world in a multi-disciplinary case competition which combines engineering with commerce to overcome genuine industry challenges. Cohen studies Computer Engineering, Shaked is an Aerospace Engineering student, and Jimenez studies Civil Engineering. 

The Goldie and Joe Raymer Endowment Fund at Concordia University was established in 1999 in honour of Susan’s parents, to enable students from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Concordia University to participate in an international exchange program.  Through the exchange, students are provided with rich academic opportunities which help to promote respect, understanding and collaboration amongst different cultures and backgrounds. 

Susan and Ben are Concordia graduates. Both have served on the International Board of Governors of Technion and were awarded an Honorary Fellowship in 2017. Ben served as Montreal chapter president and has continued his involvement with Technion Canada. Their interest is multigenerational as Susan’s parents were instrumental in building a student residence on campus, and their son Adam is active in the Toronto chapter.