Dr. Ilan Nachim

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Grad Year: 2009

Faculty/Degree: Medical Doctor / Masters of Science

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

Professional Highlights: Medical Director, Bellwood Health Services; Board certified in Family Medicine;  Member of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine.

Q & A

At Technion I was able to pursue an American medical degree at a world class institution. The quality of the medical education is exceptional - it is a small program that provides a great base of learning, preparation and practice.

I am originally from Brazil and pursued my undergraduate education in Canada, so it was wonderful to be part of an international cohort and to meet people from around the world, including teachers, mentors and researchers.

It was also humbling to study at an institution that houses some of the best scientific minds in the world, including 3 Nobel Laureate professors.

While studying at Technion, I was very involved in campus life, and had such a positive personal experience at the school. During my time there, I lived in the family dorms and it was a fantastic environment.

Being a Technion graduate has been a real asset in my professional career. The training I received provided a strong foundation of skills and knowledge, which enabled me to excel on my medical exams and opened up professional opportunities. The international connections and the alumni network are also truly valuable and unique.

I am so grateful for the opportunities my Technion education has afforded me and I am proud to be a Technion supporter. When you support Technion, you are strengthening an institution that maintains the best minds the in world and works to improve society with a focus on health, innovation and the betterment of humanity.