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Next Generation of Innovators: In Conversation With Ezri Tarazi

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York U: 11 Arboretum Lane, North York, M3J 2S5 / 2023-05-18
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Join Technion Canada’s Toronto Council and York University for an inspirational conversation, live at York University, with Prof. Ezri Tarazi, Chair of t-Hub, Technion’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Technion.
Learn why 80% of successful start ups in Israel have Technion DNA. What is that “special sauce” that Technion provides to its students? What is Technion’s impact on Israel, the Start Up Nation, and on the world?  Prof. Tarazi has been a consultant to the Israeli government on innovation programs for almost 20 years!
Don’t miss this chance to speak with him and learn about his most recent project, X-Coral. A successful initiative aid marine biodiversity by rebuilding the coral reefs through 3d printing!


Professor Ezri Tarazi is the Chair of the Industrial Design Program at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion. He is also the chair of t-Hub, a new Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Technion, and chair of Design-Tech Lab, which seeks to foster design awareness and design thinking among science and engineering students.

Prof. Tarazi’s work seeks to apply design thinking to solve industrial problems. He has developed and designed life support systems including nuclear, biological, and chemical masks for children, and cooling-vest systems for tank crews. He has worked with numerous technology startups focusing on solar energy, sustainable design, digital ink for billboards, and more.