At the 2018 Board of Governors Meeting of Technion- Israel Institute of Technology a ceremony was held in recognition of the generous gift of the Bloomfield Family for the renovation of the auditorium.

Technion Canada celebrated its 75th Anniversary with pride and joy at the Montreal Science Centre - honouring the institute’s love for new growth and advancement in the world of technology.

On Thursday March 8, 2018 Technion Alumni, supporters and guests had a wonderful opportunity to hear presentations from two Technion Alumni. Prof. Boaz Golany, Technion VP External Affairs and Resource Development and Dr. Andrew Goldenberg, Founder and CTO of Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) and currently also the CTO of the of the publicly listed Super Robotics Ltd. of Hong Kong and of Anzer Intellegent Engineering of Shenzhen, China.

Dr. Boaz Golany, Technion VP External Affairs and Resource Development and Dr. Andrew and Aviva Goldenberg were the keynote speakers at the Toronto Alumni dinner held on March 5, 2018 at the Aviv Restaurant in Toronto. Dr. Andrew and Aviva Goldenberg are both Technion Alumni and they have a strong belief that what they have in life is good fortune. In that same vein, they credit the Technion for providing them both with an exemplary education. Dr. Golany could not even get through one-one hundredth of the far reaching achievements of the Technion Alumnus worldwide. The Goldenberg’s reinforced the feeling of going back to their roots and giving back. The evening inspired the Alumnus in attendance and the other donors and guests. Benny Kritzer, Alumni Chair, met with many Alumnus and hopes to move forward to many more interesting events.

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Technion Canada and OurCrowd welcomed guests to a "Startup Nation: The Next Wave of Israeli Innovation" luncheon hosted by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP in Montreal. Presentations were made by Alan Weisleder, OurCrowd Partner & EVP; Richard Anton, Oxx VC Co-Founder and General Partner; Yori Nelken, Cognitiv Ventures General Partner; Ori Aphek, SiteAware Co-Founder & CEO; and Brian Verrier, Ossio Integrative Orthopedics CEO; about their frontier technology companies and funds.

On Thursday December 15th, in conjunction with OurCrowd, Technion Canada, hosted an exciting kosher breakfast program and demo at the MaRS Discovery Building in Toronto. Rami Parham, CEO of MUV Interactive, a successful innovator and Technion Institute of Technology graduate gave a very informative presentation. Led by Jonathan Medved, OurCrowd is a world-leading equity-based crowdfunding platform, built for accredited investors to provide venture capital funding for Israeli (and later global) venture capital start-ups. Membership in the community is vetted and offered only to people who meet the stringent accreditation criteria. Accredited investors who are accepted into the community can make minimum investments of $10,000 per deal. The initial focus of OurCrowd will be the dynamic early stage funding market in Israel and only companies that have passed a rigorous due diligence process will be added to the platform. MUV has developed a pioneering state-of-the-art solution for interacting with multiple screens and media sources through touch, remote, and voice interaction. MUV’s device instantly changes any projected item into an interactive screen with precise touch and remote capabilities. Current potential venues for MUV’s solution include large presentation environments, educational institutions, and command & control centers. Rami demonstrated to both donors and investors his wearable device enabling any surface to become an interactive display.

Technion Professor, David Meiri heads the "Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research" at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. On November 14, 2017, Dr. Meiri delivered a phenomenal presentation to a sold out crowd in Toronto. Beyond his incredible research and advancements, Dr. Meiri is strongly involved in government regulation in Israel on cannabis use.

Generation NEXT Trip to Israel - An opportunity to see Israel through the lens of Technion. The itinerary included attendance at the Technion Board of Governors’ event where the participants had an opportunity to meet and engage with Professors and students and meet representatives of the worldwide Technion Societies. Before travelling to Haifa for the BOG the group spent 2 days in Tel Aviv and 2 days in Jerusalem. With thanks to the Wolinsky Family for their generous support of this trip.

Technion Canada’s Technovation Gala was held on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, with over 600 guests in attendance. The honourees, Lillyann and Bill Wiener, Paul and Les Wynn and Jeff Weinzweig are long time and generous Technion supporters. Technion Canada was proud to recognize them. Proceeds from the Technovation Gala will support “Engineers Without Borders”, Technion Chapter, which was established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life. Technion Alumni Innovations were highlighted by representatives from Insightec, whose global team is united by a common vision to transform healthcare by making MR-guided focused ultrasound a standard of care that allows performing surgical procedures with surgical precision but without incisions and ReWalk, a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with spinal cord injury to stand upright, walk, turn, and climb and descend stairs. In addition, there was a 3D and Laser etching studio displaying examples from the Technion Faculty of Architecture’s digital laboratory. A number of Lassonde School of Engineering Students, who had attended programs at the Technion, was available to share their “Technion experience”. The evening’s emcee, Kiss’ Gene Simmons entertained the guests, backed by the Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra, hosted a short talk show and hyped the sales in our auction. It was his message on the important role that Technion has played in development of Israel as the Start Up Nation that left a lasting message with all our guests.

Governor General David Johnston is the first Governor General of Canada to lead a state visit to Israel. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Technion in recognition of his contribution to the advancement of academic research and education in Canada and in tribute to his longstanding public activities including the realm of the economy, society and the environment of Canada.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s five day Mission to Israel concluded with a visit to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The Premier was accompanied by the President of York University, Mamdouh Shoukri and the VP Research and Innovation, Robert Hache for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two Universities. The Memorandum of Understanding will now open the door for expansion into new areas of research and collaboration in various Engineering and Scientific fields.

National Technion Alumni Committee Chair, Paul Raducanu and his wife Mala, welcomed Technion Alumni living in Montreal to their home. Prof. Yasha Grobman, of the Technion faculty of Architecture and Town Planning was the guest speaker and his presentation on "Beyond the architectural form: The implications of the new technologies in architectural design and fabrication" was received with great interest. Gad Elbaz, President of Isravin, shared his extensive knowledge of the Israeli Wine Industry and guests were treated to delicious tastings of several Israeli wines.

Technion Canada Generation Next - Shaping the Future of Technion Montreal Generation NEXT recently held their 2nd Technion Canada Future Leaders Cocktail Event at Silver Star Mercedes-Benz Sprinter showroom. Montreal Generation NE XT Co-Chairs Angela Podolsky and Lorne Rashkovan and their committee created an exciting networking opportunity. Three diverse guest speakers Tatiana Londono, Real Estate Broker at Londono Realty Group; Naor Cohen, President and CEO of Imperial Caviar & Seafood and Jeff Baikowitz, Serial Entrepreneur and Cofounder of Essentia Technologies participated in a panel discussion moderated by Professor Karl Moore, Associate Professor at the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University.

On October 14th, over 75 guests were treated to a delicious breakfast and had the opportunity to hear from two excellent speakers. Technion VP External Relations and Resource Development, Prof. Boaz Golany is a Professor in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) and the holder of the Samuel Gorney Chair in Engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He has served as the Associate Dean of the IE&M faculty in 1994-1999 and as the Dean of the Faculty in 2006-2011. He is also a senior research fellow at the Austin-based technology think tank IC2, whose goal is to facilitate global economic growth and job creation through innovation, creativity and capital. Prof. Golany updated the assembled about the latest and greatest coming out of the Technion. Miriam Varadi is an entrepreneur, author, and lecturer with extensive knowledge of the corporate and financial world. She enjoyed a successful career as an investment adviser with a major Canadian bank where she built one of the largest wealth management practices in the bank’s investment division. Ms. Varadi is author of the book Merchants of Enterprise, published by Thomson Reuters and cited on the Globe and Mail list of best selling Canadian business books. Subsequently, she was interviewed on CBC’s Lang and O’Leary as well as BNN and has lectured extensively.

With appreciation for the support of Jane Silverstone-Segal and Hershel Segal, 8 participants (4 from Toronto and 4 from Montreal) got to experience a unique visit to Israel and Technion. And most rewarding, they have all committed to becoming involved with Technion Canada's Generation NEXT and helping to spread the word about the benefits that Technion has brought to Israel and the world.

With over 100 in attendance, a great evening was had by all. Did you know an atomizer system developed at Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology keeps the humidity inside and outside the barrels equal, thereby eliminating the evaporation that occurs as nature works to maintain equilibrium? When you buy a bottle of wine for the holidays, you are actually paying for more than a bottle. That’s because during the months or years that the wine was aging, as much as 15% of it was lost to evaporation. For centuries, wine producers have lost wine to evaporation through the barrels during the aging process. Wine aged in barrels at 16° C (61°F) can lose over 14% volume in three years when stored at 60% RH. Traditional European wineries stored their barrels in natural cellars to maintain high humidity and reduce the need for “topping”, (adding wine to each barrel during the aging process). Modern wineries, with above ground cooled aging rooms, need modern technology to raise the humidity to 95% and cut the loss to evaporation by more than half. At the same time, the barrels must remain dry on the outside to prevent mold which can damage the barrels and the wine. The FogRight Atomizer and OptiSense Humidistat system, developed at a Technion incubator company Optiguide, provide true “dry fog” for controlled high humidity up to 95-98% RH for ideal storage of wine in barrels. High humidity reduces wine loss to evaporation and reduces the need for topping, yet barrels stay dry and without mold. Raising the humidity to 95% can reduce losses to evaporation to under 1% per year. These savings to the wine producers will trickle down to the consumer in lower wine costs.

Technion Canada held its 2014 Annual General Meeting on Sunday November 23rd. Guest speakers were Dr. Janusz Kozinski, Founding Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering, York University and Dr. Lior Gepstein, Professor of Physiology and Medicine (Cardiology) at the Technion's Faculty of Medicine. A special presentation was made to Harry Sheres, in recognition of his long standing support of Technion.

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 ELTE Interiors sponsored the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of its Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Collection. ICCI Committee Members, Ken and Renee Metric kindly donated the proceeds of the evening to the Technion-UHN International Centre for Cardiovascular Innovation Project. With over 400 of Toronto's prominent interior designer community in attendance, a wonderful time was had by all.

ReWalk™, invented by Dr. Amit Goffer, a Technion graduate, is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to stand upright and walk. The ReWalk™ Personal is currently available with FDA Clearance in the United States, CE Mark in Europe (including Turkey) and is licensed to sell in Canada. A special thank you to sponsors Bistro Grande and Stone Tile International Inc. and to Global TV’ and Liem Vu for the outstanding coverage they provided of the event.

Technion Professor Boaz Golany, Vice President for External Relations and Resource Development, amazed the crowd and highlighted the inspirational and life changing innovations that the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology and its graduates have developed and are currently marketing worldwide. Thank you to our friends at Darchei Noam.

On July 16th Prof. Lavie met with Dr. Arvind Gupta, President of the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver. Following the visit Prof. Lavie travelled to Calgary where he spent the day meeting with academics, business leaders and members of the Calgary Jewish Community. His first meeting was at the University of Calgary (UoC) where the discussion focused on possible research collaborations between the two universities. Prof. Lavie then attended a dinner at the Calgary JCC where was introduced to a select group of 25 individuals who had expressed an interest in learning more about Technion and in meeting Prof. Lavie. After dinner the community at large were invited to a presentation by Prof. Lavie “From Jaffa Oranges to Semiconductors: The Story of Israeli’s Hi Tech Revolution" which was very warmly received. On the following day, July 17th Prof. Lavie attended a breakfast meeting with the President of Lumber Corp and two professors (one from UoC the other from the University of Alberta). He then visited the UoC Faculty of Medicine where he met with the Dean and a number of faculty members to discuss facilitating collaboration opportunities between the two schools. Prof. Lavie and a group from the Jewish, business and academic communities of Calgary were then the guests of Mr. Jack Mintz at the Calgary Petroleum Club. Prof. Lavie was the guest speaker and he spoke on “World Class Universities – Key to Knowledge Economy”. The luncheon presented an opportunity to establish some new relationships and to network. Before leaving Calgary Prof. Lavie met with Husky Energy CEO Mr. Asim Gosh. As Prof. Lavie summarized the visit “…it provided an excellent exposure to the Technion in the local community.”

The Technion Canada Generation NEXT Mission to Israel brought together a select group of emerging young leaders from across Canada. Traveling throughout Israel, participants engaged in a truly memorable Israel experience, exploring Jerusalem's Old City, listening to speakers on a variety of current political, social and economic issues, enjoying the Tel Aviv nightlife, and much more. The participants visited Haifa at the time of the Technion Board of Governors’ Meetings and Program. They saw the vibrant life of the Technion campus, met with the brilliant faculty and students and participated in hands-on experiences in state-of-the-art laboratories. Participants now can understand the Technion connection with leading high-tech firms across the country, which are fashioning Israel’s 21st century economy.

With 225 in attendance, Technion Canada and the U of T CREMS Medical program welcomed, Dr. Karl Skorecki, Annie Chutick Professor in Medicine (Nephrology) Director, Rappaport Research Institute Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Director, Medical and Research Development, Rambam Health Care Campus. Dr. Skorecki is a world renowned genetic researcher whose groundbreaking work uncovered the genetic history of the Jewish people. He discussed the "Jewish gene" as well as the breakthroughs in stem cell therapies that are being developed at the Technion under his guidance. Judith and Stephen Kauffman and Honey and Barry Sherman were honoured for their on-going support of the partnership between Technion and the University of Toronto. It is exchanges and programs like these that strengthen the bond between Canada and Israel.

Prof. Ciechanover was invited to Montreal to be the guest speaker at the 2014 Andrew F. Holmes Dean of Medicine Distinction Lecture. The Holmes Lecture is a newly launched program based on the original Foundations of Medical Science. The evening before, Prof. Ciechanover and the Technion Canada leadership in Montreal were the dinner guests of Stephanie and David Azrieli at the Sofitel Hotel. This was followed by a small gathering graciously hosted by Viviane Amar. The 2014 Wolf Prize winner, McGill Professor Nahum Sonenberg introduced Prof. Ciechanover who shared his life story and it's parallel to the development of the State of Israel.

On November 28, 2013, the Mifgash-UJA Israeli Program sponsored an incredible event at the Reisman-Schwartz Jewish Community Centre with Technion Professor Lior Gepstein. Prof. Gepstein, of the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, has discovered a way to create beating heart cells using human skin cells reprogrammed to become stem cells. The discovery could make it possible to clinically repair damaged human hearts. Prof. Gepstein takes skin cells from heart failure patients and reprograms them to transform into healthy, new heart muscle cells capable of integrating with existing heart tissue. The research opens up the prospect of treating heart failure patients with their own, human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) to repair their damaged hearts. Dr. Gepstein was in Toronto to discuss the amazing new UHN-McEwen-Munk Centre-Technion Partnership in Cardiovascular Innovation.

The 2013 Annual Meeting of Technion Canada was held on Sunday, November 10, 2013 at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto. The meeting was followed by a luncheon with Prof. Peretz Lavie, President of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology as the guest speaker.

The Economic Club of Canada hosted a large crowd at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Toronto for a luncheon, where Prof. Boaz Golany, VP External Relations and Resource Development, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology was the Guest Speaker. His presentation was entitled: Entrepreneurial Universities and their Global Economic Impact. Thank you to Consul General or the State of Israel, DJ Schneeweiss for his in depth introduction. The event was incredibly well received, the food delicious and the ambiance warm and friendly.

Technion Vice President of External Affairs and Resource Development, Prof. Boaz Golany visited Montreal on Monday October 28, 2013. He had several private meetings during the day and in the evening he met with a small of people - some who were hearing about Technion and its global presence for the first time while others were "kvelling" over its recent accomplishments.

Technion Canada was proud to host Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, our Vice President, External Relations and Resource Development, Prof. Boaz Golany for the launch of our Technion Canada Alumni Cluster. The event brought out over 50 Technion Alumni and 40 of Technion Canada Generation NEXT Young Leaders. If you are a Technion Alumnus and are interested in becoming more involved, please contact us at

With over 75 in attendance, Technion Canada and friends welcomed Dr. Boaz Golany to Toronto for his third visit. A special thanks to our hosts Sheldon Drebin and Dina Theodoropoulos who opened their lovely home and provided a wonderful venue with a warm atmosphere. All in attendance were treated to a wonderful array of hors d'ouevres and exciting speeches.

Technion Professor Mark Talesnick was the guest speaker at Concordia University. He spoke in the afternoon to faculty from the Concordia Centre for Engineering in Society of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science and then in the evening to larger audience made up students, faculty and Technion Canada supporters. His presentations focused on the global perspective on engineering in which he described activities in three realms: real life engineering (Engineers Without Borders); engineering education (engineering for developing communities); and institutionalization (UNESCS Unitwin Program). Together they make up the newly-formed Center for Global Engineering at the Technion in Israel. Photos courtesy of Concordia University

On Saturday Evening October 5th, Technion Canada held a special event hosted by Ms. Sylvia Benchimol of Stone Tile International in Toronto. With over fifty in attendance, guests were treated to a very special security briefing and wonderful hors d’oeuvres and desserts. We sincerely thank Sylvia and Stone Tile for their hospitality.

Technion – University of Toronto Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students (CREMS) Programs is meant to be a unique research program in Canada that allows interested medical students to gain extracurricular research experiences in various structured programs without interrupting their medical studies. As part of the CREMS programs, a longitudinal program (20 months) was established where participants receive formal recognition for successful completion. Also, the opportunity for a shorter summer program of research experience (10-12 weeks) was expanded. Specifically, the objectives of these programs are to meet the needs of medical students to explore research and gain valuable research experience, to prepare medical students for a career as a physician with a good research foundation and understanding of biomedical research, and to engage and encourage students to consider a career as a clinician-scientist. The goal of this program is to support the paradigm of fostering international scientific research communication and collaboration at a very formative stage of student training between the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion‐Israel Institute of Technology and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. These two medical schools have excellent and well recognized medical educational programs producing graduates who are not only top clinicians, but also leading clinician‐scientists in health research. Both schools have faculty members who provide enormous breadth and depth in basic and applied biomedical research. The 2013 Luncheon at the University of Toronto Faculty Club took place on September 24. Pictured are: Dr. George Fantus, Head of CREMS Program, Professor Mojgan Hodaie, Staff Neurosurgeon at Toronto Western Hospital, Sapir Bar – CREMS Technion Student, Thomas Berk – CREMS UofT Mississauga Medical Student and Inna Genkin – CREMS UofT Medical Student

On Monday September 9, an intimate engagement was held at the Fantasy Land Hotel in Edmonton to hear about the latest Technion innovations. Past President, Arnie Recht wowed the assembled with his knowledge of the Technion and especially his insights Technion\'s contribution to Israeli\'s aerospace industry.

ReWalk™ is a bionic walking assistance system, utilising powered leg attachments to enable paraplegics to stand upright, walk, and climb stairs. It was developed by Dr. Amit Goffer, an electrical engineering graduate from Technion University and manufactured by Israel\'s ARGO Medical Technologies Inbal Pezaro, an eight time Israeli Paralympic medalist in swimming was recently in Montreal to compete in the IPC Swimming World Championships, where she won a silver medal (she’s also won two gold medals at previous World Championships. On August 28th Inbal was the guest of Montreal’s Generation NEXT at an event at the home of Edie and Stephan Ouaknine The ReWalk™ technology is helping Inbal, who became paralyzed in her lower limbs at the age of three months, to walk long distances, and even climb certain types of steps.

An intimate luncheon was held the Sofitel Golden Mile Hotel in celebration of David Azrieli\'s 90th Birthday. Technion VP Prof. Boaz Golany brought greetings from Technion and noted that it was a particularly special occasion as both Mr. Azrieli and the Technion were celebrating major milestones - the Technion\'s Corner Centennial and Mr. Azrieli\'s 90th Birthday.

The Toronto-Technion High Tech Fund (TTT) welcomed Technion VP, Dr. Boaz Golany to speak about the Technion\'s latest breakthroughs. The TTT was established in 1989 to assist Technion expand and enhance its technology transfer and commercialization capabilities. The funds provided by the TTT helped the Technion Incubator grow into one of Israel\'s most successful. More than 20 projects have been seeded with funds received from TTT. Technion regards the TTT model as a very novel, effective, efficient and supportive mechanism to stimulate commercialization, incubator and start-up activities linked to Technion researchers.

Canada\'s Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty spent the first week in February in Israel holding meetings with their Israeli counterparts and reaffirming Canadian support for the Jewish state. During the time he was there, Finance Minister Flaherty visited the Technion and met with Technion President, Professor Peretz Lavie.

The Canadian Technion Society\'s Generation NEXT presents: Professor Shlomo Maital at the Infamous, Dr. Laffa. With over 50 in attendance, the Young Leadership division of the CTS, Generation NEXT was treated to a wonderful, warm and delicious meal and interesting discussion with Shlomo. Shlomo Maital is the Academic Director of TIM-Technion Institute of Management, Israel\'s leading executive leadership development institute and a pioneer in action-learning methods. He was summer Visiting Professor for 20 years in MIT Sloan School of Management\'s Management of Technology M.Sc. program, teaching over 1,000 R&D engineers from 40 countries. He is the author co-author or editor of 8 books, including Innovation Management (Sage, 2007); Executive Economics (The Free Press), translated into seven languages, and Managing New Product Development & Innovation. He is co-editor of a new journal, International Journal of Technology &Innovation Management Education. He was co-founder of SABE-Societyfor Advancement of Behavioral Economics. He has published over 100 scholarly articles in refereed journals. He has written guest editorials for Barron\'s, and writes regular columns for The Marker (Haaretz business daily) and Jerusalem Report (fortnightly). He served as Director of the National & Economic Planning Authority, Economics Ministry, Government of Israel. He has taught managers from 200 Israeli companies. His research currently focuses on profit-driven innovation -- how to combine creativity and discipline to achieve marketplace success. A special thanks to Yoram, Sasa, Eyal and all of the staff! Truly Superb!

The first Generation NEXT Mission to Israel took place in November 2011. The group of young leaders spent several days at the Technion, meeting students and faculty. They also visited IAI, Better Place and the Elite Chocolate Factory where Technion Graduates have made their mark.They were welcomed by Dana and David Azrieli at the Azrieli Towers and experienced the spiritualism of Jerusalem and the energy of Tel Aviv.

This year\'s guest lecturer for the 2001 Annual Blankstein Lecture in Architecture and Town Planning was world-renowned Canadian architect, Raymond Moriyama. Moriyama gave a stirring two hour presentation followed by a question and answer period at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology on the evening of Wednesday November 23. In front of a packed auditorium of more than 350 students, faculty members and special guests, Mr. Moriyama detailed his architectural design work in many of the world\'s nations.

The 26th Montreal Gala Dinner honouring Stephan Ouaknine was held on November 17, 2011, Special guest speaker was Quebec Premier Jean Charest. The fundraising focus of the event was renewable energy research at Technion.

Dr.Victor Chernov shared his passion for Rocket Science with the grade 10 students of Herzliah High School.Dr. Chernov also described the outstanding summer SciTech Program that Technion. This program is intended for eleventh and twelfth grade high school students from around the world who have demonstrated an exceptional interest and ability in science and technology. The program brings together outstanding students from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Israel and elsewhere..

Eric Levy and Heenan Blaikie hosted a group of Generation NEXTers at a luncheon. The Guest speakers were Dr. Victor Chernov, Technion Aerospace Engineering graduate and Lyon Sachs Post Doctoral fellow at the U of T; Scott Woodrow, founder and General Partner of Lions Peak Capital Corporation, a Canadian investment firm with a focus on Israeli technologies and a National Board Member of the Canadian Technion Society; Hershel Recht, National Development Director of the Canadian Technion Society.

Canadian Technion Society in partnership with Shaar Shalom Congregation and Beth Israel Synagogue proudly presented \"It Doesn\'t Take a Rocket Scientist...Well Actually it Does - An Evening with Dr. Victor Chernov\"

Canadian Technion Society in partnership with Tiferes Israel Synagogue proudly presented \"It Doesn\'t Take a Rocket Scientist...Well Actually it Does - An Evening with Dr. Victor Chernov\"

Canadian Technion Society in partnership with UPEI,The Prince Edward Island Jewish Community and the Charlottetown Backpackers Inn proudly presented \"It Doesn\'t Take a Rocket Scientist...Well Actually it Does - An Evening with Dr. Victor Chernov\"

On March 31, 2011 over 250 young professionals gathered together for the inaugural Toronto Generation NEXT event. The Guest Speaker was one of Canada\'s most influential businessman and philanthropists, Seymour Schulich C.M. Mr. Schulich discussed his personal story and why he believes the future of Israel is dependent upon the graduates of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

The President of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Dr. Peretz Lavie gave a luncheon talk to a sell-out crowd at the Economic Club of Canada. This was the first address by an Israeli leader or Israeli University President to the Club. \"Technion truly is the Gateway to the Start-up Nation\"

Dr. Victor Chernov, spoke to a gathering from the Jewish Community of Barrie at Jackson\'s Toyota on Sunday February 20th. He shared his own personal story of coming to Israel from the FSU and how his dream of becoming a rocket scientist was realized through his studies at the Technion. He is now doing post doctoral work at the University of Toronto as a Lyon Sachs Post Doc Fellow. Dr. Chernov\'s presentation enthralled both young and old.

Technion Professor Emeritus, Shlomo Maital spoke to a group at Heenan Blaikie, Toronto on January 24, 2011. His topic was \"The Real Startup Nation: Sources of Israel\'s Inventiveness\"

The Canadian Technion Society Goes West! In a first step in raising Technion\'s profile from coast to coast and illuminating the vital role that Technion\'s breakthroughs play in the lives of not only Israelis, but all mankind, Dr. Victor Chernov, accompanied by CTS National Development Director, Hershel Recht visited Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg and Vancouver this past November. Dr. Chernov, received his 2002, 2005, and Ph.D. in 2010, all from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. At present he is doing post doctoral work in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, as the Lyon Sachs Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Chernov shared his personal story of coming to Israel from the FSU and his research at Technion in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

MLA Dave Chomiak, the Manitoba Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines sees Technion for himself

The Launch of Generation Next - Young Leadership Initiative Date: October 21, 2010 Location: Jewish Urban Meeting Place (Toronto)

CREMS is meant to be a unique research program in Canada that allows interested University of Toronto medical students to gain extracurricular research experience in various structured programs without interrupting their medical studies. A 20-month longitudinal program was established where participants receive formal recognition for successful completion. Technion and The University of Toronto have just concluded the first successful exchange. On October 6, 2010 an dinner was held to celebrate this first exchange. The dinner was hosted by Gary Goldberg, National President of the Canadian Technion Society and Professor Catherine Whiteside, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto at the University of Toronto Faculty Club.

The Hon. Peter Kent, P.C. M.P. Thornhill, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and his wife Cilla visit the Technion

World-renowned architect Moshe Safdie was the guest lecturer at the second Blankstein Lecture.

The 25th Montreal Gala Dinner honouring the Honourable Donald J. Johnston P.C., O.C., Q.C