The Centennial Campaign

Generate Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. As Earth’s population is expected to exceed 10 billion people in 50 years, we need new sources of nutrition that minimize the depletion of land and water resources and new technologies that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. For Israel, where rising temperatures, water and food security, and energy independence are of vital national interest, the State is laser-focused on harnessing viable strategies and is looking to the Technion to help lead the way.

Your gift to the Technion’s research and development in sustainability will support:

Reducing Fossil Fuel Use in Manufacturing. The production of food, energy, medicine, and other critical products relies on a chemical process called catalysis, which uses tremendous quantities of fossil fuels. Technion researchers are working on new solutions to improve catalysis so that industrial manufacturing is more efficient, reduces waste, and minimizes toxicity.

Sustainable Food Sources. Food production worldwide accounts for about 35% of all greenhouse gases, nearly 60% of which come from meat farming alone. Technion researchers are developing new-generation proteins, such as meat produced from the cells of a cow and alternative meat options made from plants. And a Technion center with key industry-academia partnerships is paving the way to commercialization.

Improving Food Security. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, sustainable foods are essential to meeting the needs of a burgeoning population and eradicating world hunger. Technion researchers are developing ways to supply tasty and nutritious foods to feed the planet, while growing Israel’s food sector.

Help preserve our planet for our children, grandchildren, and all the generations to come. Donate to the Centennial Campaign today.