Michael Schwartz

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Grad Year: 1976

Faculty/Degree: MsC, Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Current Location: Vancouver, BC

Professional Highlights: Vice President, International Sales & Marketing for Nova Chemicals in Switzerland

Q & A

I received my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering in Romania.  When I immigrated to Israel, I chose to attend the Technion both because it was in line with my background and because I knew that it offered a very high level of education.

I came to Technion for my Master’s degree, and it was an amazing experience - especially for a newcomer to the country. After a year my Hebrew improved a lot and I enjoyed the life of a student in Israel at Technion – both the learning opportunities and the vibrant campus life. The education and the professors were incredible, one of my professors later became the President of the Technion. I also greatly enjoyed working with students in the polymer science lab as a teaching assistant.

Graduating from the Technion gave me connections, and confidence in myself. I knew so much of the industry because so many of Israel’s engineers were educated at the Technion. Many kibbutzim had plastics factory, I knew the entire network, and visited almost every plastics factory in Israel. I had many job opportunities and when I worked internationally, the Technion’s reputation and my own level of knowledge gave me confidence that I was an expert in my field.

Technion is one of the best contributors to Israel’s success in every possible industry – the contribution to start up nation is huge. As a graduate, you have a sense of pride and confidence that you carry with you for life.

Anyone who has benefitted from the Technion should consider it a top priority to give back. When you give to Technion you help further the success of the state of Israel. When I meet a young person, I always tell them about the Technion. I am proud to be a Technion Canada Board Member and I am working out West to raise awareness and meet alumni.