Arielle Fischer

Assistant Professor Arielle Fischer ’11, Ph.D. ’16 heads the Biomechanics and Wearable Technology Lab in the Technion Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Her work focuses on biomechanics of human motion and implements wearable sensor systems with the goal of finding interventions to correct orthopedic pathologies and develop new tools and infrastructure for biomedical data integration to drive personalized methods for early detection, intervention, and prevention of movement disorders. She develops biomedical applications such as high-tech sensors and smart wearable devices for artificial joints, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, and neuromuscular disorders.

Born in the U.S., she immigrated to Israel with her family when she was 10 years old. Prof. Fischer started her studies at MIT and then transferred to the Technion, earning her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and her master’s and doctorate in mechanical engineering. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University before joining the Technion in October 2020 as a Zuckerman Faculty Scholar. The Mortimer B. Zuckerman STEM Leadership program supports future generations of leaders in science and technology in the U.S. and Israel.