Toronto, Ontario

Bill Wiener

Bill Wiener is a member of the Technion Canada Board and has served in that capacity since 1982. He is the second generation involved with Technion Canada as his father, David, also served on the Board. Technion Canada has been fortunate to have had the support of the Wiener family going back to the 1970s. They have generously donated to various projects like the Technion Canada Dormitories, the Wiener Family Scholarship and the TTT Fund. Bill has always been ready to support any program or event that spreads the word about the important role Technion research plays in the well-being of mankind. Recently Bill has made a significant contribution to Technion Engineers without Borders, a program in sustainability following the 2017 Technion Canada Gala in Toronto where he and his wife Lillyann were honoured. He is the President of Viscor a company that was started in 1952 as Wiener Electric Limited by his late father David Wiener, a Holocaust and concentration camp survivor who arrived in Canada virtually penniless. Today the company is a comprehensive organization that specializes in LED & fluorescent lighting products and metal fabrication. They are Canada’s largest independent lighting manufacturer under the Visioneering, Certolux and TBR Lighting Brands. Bill was also one of the co-founders and owners of the Distilery District. He acquired the Gooderham and Worts property from Allied Domeq in 2001.