Toronto, Ontario

Doron Goldenberg

Doron Goldenberg B.Sc., M.Sc. is a Technion alumni in Mechanical Engineering B.Sc., (1986), City University of New York Master of Business Administration (M.Sc.) and Business Administration and Management, Marketing (1999). He was born and raised in Israel by his agronomist father (UCLA) and Holocaust survivor mother. Doron is CEO of Golden Group Capital Entrepreneurship. He is a senior operations executive holding a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to business development projects, with a background in Engineering, Development Finance, Marketing, Construction, and Asset Management. For over 30 years Doron has held responsibility over $2B+ national real estate portfolios, managing teams of up to 60 personnel. He consults to key clients/owners of shopping centres, medical buildings and other rental properties and high-rise owners in North America and Israel. Doron provides senior-level stakeholders with strategic roadmaps for asset and property development and management, while engaging site-level stakeholders regularly. He conducts due diligence and planning, reviews municipal planning departments, zoning, site plan applications, building permits and other stakeholders to eliminate obstacles to project delivery while upholding high standards of regulatory requirements. Doron is a Member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), and Project Management Institute (PMI). He was MIYA Canada Holding Inc, past Director and Holocaust and Revival member TLV/CA from 2010 to present. In Doron’s spare time, he enjoys water/snow sports, is a lifelong champion of wind Surfing, swimming, water skiing, boating, jet skiing and snowmobiling.