Montreal Quebec

Irwin & Sara Tauben

Irwin and Sara Tauben are proud philanthropists and lay leaders in Montreal and the international Jewish Community. A child of Holocaust survivors, Irwin was raised to appreciate his good fortune and his ability to give back. Throughout 45 years of marriage, Sara and Irwin have served on many boards, including Irwin’s commitments to Technion Canada, fulfilling their mission of giving and fundraising for areas they believe are underserved. They have made significant contributions to the needs of students in Israel though the Technion Fund, to the elderly, particularly Holocaust survivors, and are enthusiastic benefactors of Jewish arts and culture. They are proud to have their children continue the Tauben family tradition of Tzedakah and embrace the mission that no one is left behind.

Irwin is a Member of the Technion – Israel Institute’s International Board of Governors.