Mor Assai

Mor Assia

Mor Assia is a high tech entrepreneur and industry insider, with over 10 years experience assisting global corporations define new corporate strategies, M&A activities and technological pivots.

An advocate for Israel’s innovative technology, Mor has been hosted on judging panels, accelerators graduation nights and international pitching competitions to bring from her insight on cutting edge technology, mentorship and funding potential. She articulates to the iAngels investors how to create a portfolio of Israeli high tech startups and empower the next generation of angel investors world wide to become more active in the Israeli tech scene.

Mor has founded iAngels together with her partner, Shelly Hod Moyal, to provide the international investor community with the tools, analytics and influence to create a diversified “make-it-your-own” VC portfolio of promising Israeli startups, in the most transparent, responsible and successful way.