Shuli Cohen Shwartz

Shuli Cohen Shwartz MBA ’99 is the managing director of the Technion DRIVE Accelerator, a funding and acceleration program for high-tech companies in areas ranging from cybersecurity to digital health and social media.

Dr. Shuli Cohen Shwartz has been the managing director of the Technion DRIVE Accelerator since 2018, helping first-time entrepreneurs conquer the challenges of moving from academia to commercialization. Passionate about creating and running tech ventures, Dr. Shwartz has created a career at the intersection of academia and entrepreneurship.

She worked for the medical imaging company Elscint Ltd. in the 1990s, first as a scientist and then a product manager for advanced technology products. In December 1999, she co-founded the medical device company, UltraSPECT Ltd., serving as CEO until 2007. UltraSPECT developed products based on proprietary cutting-edge algorithms, ran clinical trials, raised VC funding, received FDA clearances, and started a U.S. subsidiary. During that time, she also served as a mentor to Technion researchers in the fields of medical devices and imaging, and co-founded LED Technologies LTD.

In 2011, she founded and headed the Medical Lab at Samsung Electronics, where she developed medical device projects. She then co-managed the Runway Startup Postdoc Incubator at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech and served as Entrepreneur in Residence, before taking her position at the Technion DRIVE Accelerator.

Dr. Shwartz earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her Ph.D. in applied mathematics at Brown University before pursuing her MBA at the Technion. She is a co-inventor of seven patents and co-author of several peer-reviewed papers.