Montreal, Canada

The Dalfen Family

Joseph Dalfen z”l was a successful Montreal business man and philanthropist who passed away 1991, leaving both his business and philanthropic values in the capable hands of his son, Murray.

Murray is deeply involved with his community and philanthropy, proudly carrying on his father’s commitment to the Jewish community and Tikkun Olam, making the world a better place.

Murray became involved in Technion as a fundraiser and a member of the Technion Canada Board of Directors for many years, (1984-2005) and is still involved as a contributor.

Murray’s long-time commitment has funded a water purification research project at Technion. “The greatest waste of water in Israel is wastewater, and they’re now able to treat some 2 billion litres of water a year and recycle it, from a project that started in 1982. That’s very important to me.”

Murray has also funded Professor Raphael Semiat’s research in the development and improvement of membranes for separation processes and is now funding Dr. Tamar Segal-Peretz’s research towards cleaner water by improving water filtration with organic and inorganic membranes.

Technion Canada is is grateful for the ongoing support of the Dalfen family and proud to highlight the impact of their philanthropy and volunteerism.