The Centennial Campaign

Reimagine Education

Being a leader in visionary education takes imagination, conviction, and willingness to take risks: core traits that are part of the Technion’s DNA. It also means allocating resources to ensure students have the financial, educational, and social support required for fully immersive study, and the academic infrastructure, mentorship, tools, and programs to conduct world-class research.

Your gift to the Technion’s investment in student education will support:

Graduate Fellowships. The Technion awards some 2,000 annual fellowships to master’s and Ph.D. students, while postdoctoral fellowships provide independent research funding for newly minted Ph.D.s.

The Excellence Program. An undergraduate program for 300 to 400 of the Technion’s most promising students, this campus within a campus provides custom options for intensive study to young scholars who have demonstrated exceptional talent.

Student Housing. Modern, comfortable accommodations to meet the needs of a growing student body, some of whom are older and have families, are essential. The Technion’s two new 17-story dormitory towers include 143 apartments, each with a living room plus one to four bedrooms. Older dorms need renovation.

Studios and Labs for Architectural Students. No major requires more studio workspace than the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Students need dedicated spaces that allow them to work at their own pace and set their own hours.

Student-Oriented Initiatives. Providing students with stimulating facilities and opportunities is important to maintaining a campus environment conducive to learning. This includes programs for study, socializing, and cultural arts appreciation, as well as athletic facilities that offer a wide range of sports options.

Help provide students with top-flight programs and facilities, modern housing, social opportunities, and avenues for physical and emotional wellness. Donate to the Centennial Campaign today.