Sam Spanglet

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Grad Year: 1973

Faculty/Degree: Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Current Location: Toronto, Ontario

Professional Highlights: After the Yom Kippur war, I started in the petro-chemical industry in Israel and then emigrated to Canada in 1977. I spent over 25 years with Shell Canada, serving in a number of senior management positions, including Vice President, Operations and President, Albian Sands Energy.

Q & A

The level of education at the Technion is extremely high, and chemical engineering is a very difficult and demanding program. We were challenged to achieve at the highest levels. We were fortunate to learn from world renowned faculty; the professors and assistants were very committed and helpful to the students. I also made many good friends during my time in university.

If I can name one thing that I learned at the Technion, beyond of course the technical knowledge, it’s that they teach you how to think…think outside the box, think about issues, and to persevere when you are facing a challenge.

In the world of academia, the Technion is on an elite level, there is a huge amount of recognition and respect for the school. To have a university in a small country reaching this level of success in such a short period is incredible. The story of the Technion is the story of Israel, and we must be proud and support it.

My message to alumni is: You graduated from one of the top schools in the world and it is important to give back to support the school so that others can benefit from the education and the opportunity. It can be through volunteering or donating at any level. I am proud to go back to Technion each year as a guest professor to teach management and leadership to chemical engineering students, a course I designed based on my professional experience.