The Centennial Campaign

Spark Innovation

Technion students and faculty are imbued with a commitment to scientific excellence, an intrepid mindset that pushes boundaries to solve intractable problems, and an entrepreneurial spirit. They are the backbone of Israel’s dynamic economy and the source of its power. The Technion is uniquely suited to nurture the most talented students and incubate new ideas to yield the best outcomes for Israel and the world.

Your gift to the Technion’s initiative to spark innovation will support:

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Education. The Technion’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (t-hub) was established to harness the University’s thriving spirit of innovation and promote entrepreneurial skills among its diverse student body. It offers an MBA program with practical support for launching startups and provides education in entrepreneurial leadership. Several other activities and programs provide training in pitching ideas, creating prototypes, executing business plans, networking with industry leaders, and more. T-hub has caught the attention of thousands of students interested in joining Israel’s famed startup ecosystem.

Enhancements in Israel’s Manufacturing Capabilities. The Technion supports research with foreign academic and industry partners to enhance Israel’s capabilities in 3D printing. While Israel’s status as the Startup Nation is renowned, this initiative could help turn the country into a manufacturing center.

Development of Alternative Products for Catalysis. Catalysis is a chemical process used in manufacturing worldwide that uses large quantities of fossil fuels. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels is critical to preserving the planet. The Technion’s Innovative Research Ideas Startup Fund (IRIS) provides grants to transform promising “green” ideas about catalysis into preliminary demonstration products or proofs of concept.

Help unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the Technion’s students and spark innovation that will improve Israel’s economy and impact the world. Donate to the Centennial Campaign today.