TECHNION – Israel Institute of Technology

Today, over 100 years since its founding, Technion’s more than 100,000 graduates comprise most Israeli-educated scientists and engineers, constituting over 70% of the country’s founders and managers of high-tech industries. Two thirds of the Israeli companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange were either founded by or led by Technion graduates. Due to the ingenuity of Technion Alumni, Israel is now home to the greatest concentrations of high-tech start-up companies anywhere outside of Silicon Valley.

Home to three Nobel Laureates in Science, Professors Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko in 2004, and Professor Dan Shechtman in 2011, Technion enjoys a global reputation for its pioneering work in nanotechnology, computer science, biotechnology and medicine.

Technion is Israel’s first university to establish a new institute of learning outside of Israel. The Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (TCII) born in the heart of New York City is the culmination of part of Technion’s founding vision – to be a service to humanity. And now the Technion has joined with Shantou University to build a new academic facility in China’s Guandong Province, further cementing the Technion’s reputation as one of the world’s leading science and technology universities.

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