Israel’s Migal Research Institute Working for CoVid-19 Vaccine

In the midst of the worldwide CoVid-19 crisis, Israeli scientists at the Migal Research Institute are confident of breakthrough in developing vaccine for COVID-19.

MIGAL Galilee Research Institute CEO David Zigdon has said in the statement on MIGAL website that the institute is taking all possible measures to accelerate the development of the vaccine, keeping in mind the urgent requirement of such a measure across the globe. He said the institute aims to develop the vaccine in the next eight to 10 weeks and get safety approvals within the next three months. He further said that the aim is to make the vaccine an oral one, to increase its accessibility to the masses. He also revealed that the institute is in talks with different potential partners who can help in expediting the in-human trials phase and completion of the final product development.

Several Technion academics are on the Board of Migal Research Institute, and a number of Migal PhD researchers are studying with Technion faculty.