November 25, 2019

Technion’s Surgical Robot Snake used in Canada

Technion Professor Alon Wolf, a medical mechanical engineer, recently visited Toronto and Montreal where he spoke to Technion Canada volunteers and supporters about his remarkable surgical robot snake invention. Using live snakes as the design inspiration, Professor Wolf’s team created a small, highly flexible robotic snake that enters the body through a natural orifice and perform surgical maneuvers without the need for an incision. This much less invasive surgery reduces recovery time and risk of infection.

Professor Wolf, Technion’s VP for external relations and resource development, stressed the impact that Technion researchers and alumni are having in the hi-tech market world-wise. “Israeli companies are number 3 on Nasdaq after the United States and China, and two-thirds of those companies are led by Technion graduates. Our graduates are responsible for 90 per cent of the successful startups in Israel.”