June 10, 2020

Watch: Dr. Josué Sznitman Virtual Event

New Hope and Therapeutic Technologies: A Breath of Fresh Air for COVID-19 Patients

On Tuesday, June 2 we had the pleasure of hosting Technion Professor Josué Sznitman for our first national virtual event. 

Dr. Sznitman and his team have developed an innovative technology that could dramatically improve the efficacy of existing drugs for treating Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The team’s technology is known as Liquid Foam Therapy (LIFT), and is intended to dramatically improve the distribution of surfactant, the liquid that coats the surface in the lungs. Surfactant reduces the energy required for breathing and the technology could help save the lives of severe COVID-19 patients.

Watch Dr. Sznitman explain this innovative new technology and how it can help save lives.